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Urthel beers are produced at the Koningshoeven Trappist monastery in Tilburg, Netherlands, only two miles from the Belgian border. The creations are products of the Belgian husband and wife team of Hildegard and Bas Van Ostaden. When Bas proposed marriage to his future wife he told her he had two questions to ask her: "Can you make me a beer that is strong, but not too sweet, and will you marry me?" Hildegard answered yes to both queries, and the Samaranth Quadrium Ale was created as their wedding beer in 2002. Hildegard delivers with this 11.5 percent ABV, copper-hued, malt-forward sipper, which envelops your taste buds with maltiness, without being overly sweet. The rich, bold, mouthfeel and enticing aftertaste will prevent you from chugging, making this a true sipping beer.