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Brouwerij Kerkom

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Bink Grand Cru- Look for notes of sweet maple syrup, maraschino cherries, tawny port, dough, yeast, oats and an herbal note, similar to juniper, which, coupled with the alcohol, provides a gin-like quality. Pretty intense stuff here. This beer has a little brother called Winterkoninkske, which is spiced with juniper, but this beer is not—everything you smell and taste comes from just malt, hops, and a pretty muscular strain of yeast. On the palate, look for some of the port-like qualities to be fully realized, with quite a bit of grape character coming through. Expect notes of orange marmalade, currants, figs, plum wine, overripe cantaloupe and suggestions of bitter dark chocolate. Also notice an undercurrent of herbal characteristics, ranging from leafy bitterness to savory sage. The beer has been hopped exclusively with Belgian hops, and quite heftily so, as there is a firm bitterness even against the massive sweetness and alcoholic thunderclap. Finishes with the warmth and suppleness of aged port wine, grape stem-like woodiness, orange peel bitterness and afterbreaths of alcohol. Overall, this is a very port-like beer that should be served as an after dinner drink, on its own or with a few bites of dark chocolate, as brewer Marc Limet prefers it. It will age for some time to come—and is very difficult to come by, so consider ordering up some additional bottles, because this is one that will stand the test of time. We recommend checking in on a bottle every 12 months or so, for at least the next four years. And do share the stuff—it packs quite a wallop—bear in mind, until less than 20 years ago, 13% was about as strong as a beer could possibly be.